Our mission

To provide customers with healthy organic honey products.

Our Vision

To be recognized internationally as a successful organic beekeeping company that produces high-quality honey products.


Grace’s Honey started in 2019 as a hobby on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Grenada. Our initial intent was to learn and practice beekeeping in a fully organic and sustainable way. Growing & splitting hives along with producing raw organic honey was our original goal. As time passed and our skills grew we decided to become more adventurous & Started expanding to other sites while exploring new product development ideas. Through tons of experimenting from countless hours of research we saw an opportunity to do something unique and ancient, Mead! Henceforth, Grace’s Honey & Meadery Ltd was born. We decided to take a hands-on approach and locally produce all of our honey, spices, herbs and fruits for our meads and future upcoming products. This approach makes us different from our competitors. In addition we are very youthful, open minded and innovative as a company.

Come try us, we are just getting started.


Hello, My name is Jory, I am a beekeeper, entrepreneur, wine maker, scientist and owner of Grace's Honey & Meadery Ltd. Apart from my small group of advisors it really just me doing it all. 100% of the beekeeping, sales, marketing, website, management, product development and financing are all done by me. I am very passionate about my business, I love what I do and the products I create.

Why should you buy from me?

I produce 100% organic honey, no anti biotics, no artificial chemicals or additives. My honey is unfiltered in it's raw natural state. My mead is also made with my 100% organic wildflower honey from my apiary which also has the same standard of having no added chemicals. When you choose to buy my products you are not only supporting the growth of a young small island business you will also be supporting a movement of young innovative people within the agricultural sector who possesses a strong passion for creating value-added products. You are supporting a 100% owned Grenadian business, but more importantly you are supporting the future of bee-keeping and small island agriculture.